Turing Trading
Cryptocurrency Liquidity Providing and High Frequency Trading

Turing Trading SRL

Liquidity Providing for Cryptocurrency Markets


We use science and technology to provide liquidity to cryptocurrency platforms

Turing Trading is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. We leverage our technology to provide liquidity by running high-frequency trading strategies.

We partner with cryptocurrency exchanges when we see an opportunity to add value to them by providing liquidity while profiting from the trading activity.


Liquidity is a chicken-and-egg problem



Make money through charging trading fees to customers


Only want to trade on liquid exchanges


Market Makers

Only focus on already liquid markets


Great projects can fail due to low liquidity!

This is why the ecosystem needs better market makers in order to grow


We tailor our approach to emerging platforms


We build technology specialized for these markets

We control risks accordingly

We deploy capital with maximum efficiency


Why Us


Crypto Native Systems

Our crypto-first approach allows us to overcome barriers to entry and frictions to operate in these markets

Information advantage

Proprietary data gathering infrastructure solves the problem of lack of standardization in the industry

Operational advantage

Automated engine that operates optimally within market microstructures and automates risk management strategies 24/7


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