Proprietary trading firm that specializes on high-frequency trading of crypto-assets and deploys market making and arbitrage strategies

Turing Trading has proprietary technology that allows us to deploy high frequency trading strategies. Our strategies are market neutral, which means that we aim to profit from market inefficiencies, regardless of whether the underlying assets are going up or down.

To carry out our strategies successfully we carefully built specialized infrastructure for data gathering and for active trading. Our proprietary software obtains information from multiple data sources and processes it into actionable inputs for our trading engine. The trading engine then automatically executes trades with minimum latency. For safety reasons we also built thorough testing procedures as well as contingency plans.


Michel Estrebou

Co-Founder and CEO

Bitcoin early adopter; MBA student at Chicago Booth; 5 years of experience working on tech startups

Ivan Badgen

Co-Founder and CTO

Former Director of Engineering at QuanticMind; Cofounded EdTech startup as CTO; 10 years of experience in software engineering industry